Arcade, NY

Shirley and Joe Baumgaertner 1-585-653-0653


East Aurora, NY

Douglas Ford 716-863-8419

East Concord, NY

Steve 716-592-0525

Orchard Park, NY

Gerry Skrzeczkowski 716-662-7579


Clarence / Amherst NY

Jim Busch 716-578-1812

Rochester NY Area

Pat Bono 585-820-6619



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Colony 51, LLC

Laura Lo Tempio
Hamburg, NY
716-983-0536 text or call

Local bees and honey from our apiary in Sheridan and Orangeville, NY.
Mated queens $35,
5 frame nucs $164,
8 frames with a queen $249,
Beginner Bee Hives with Bees $399

Masterson’s Garden Center & Apiaries

Mike, Erin & Dan Masterson
725 Olean Road, East Aurora, NY 14052

5-frame nucs and packages available late April through May; queens available May through August. Please call for availability. Visit our shop for all of your beekeeping needs, join us for our educational seminars, and don’t miss our annual fall Honey Harvest Festival!

Merrimack Valley Apiaries, Inc.

Otto, NY 14766
Andy Card 716-257-9657 Mary Michener 716-359-7909

Five Frame Nucs in wooden boxes raised at our farms in Bunkie and Jennings LA will be available for pick up in Otto in May. Check our website for pricing and ordering info. Club Discounts of up to $20.00 per nuc are available for pooled orders of 100 or more but must be picked up at the same time.

Barry Lindquist, Chautauqua Apiary

Sinclairville, NY 14782
(716) 450-0935

5 Frame Nucs in medium and deep; 3lb Packages and Premium Mated Queens

We are using all Premium Breeder Queens for our grafting from VSH Carniolan Survivor Queens. All our bees are raised and stay in WNY. We are using Instrumental Insemination to control and improve our stocks and have new genetics coming in every year to keep strong hardy queens. Our bees are calm, hygienic, productive, and have great winter survival. Our Nucs start being ready after the middle of May through June. We will have queens later in May throughout the summer. Further information can be found on our website.


Busch Bros. Beekeeping

All of Western New York
Jim Busch

Servicing All of WNY through to Lake Ontario, we rescue and remove LIVE HONEY BEES from your home, business, building, attic, trees, bushes, and structures. The LIVE HONEY BEES are moved far from your location, where they can flourish and help pollinate local crops and flowers. We repair damage in walls and ceilings caused by the live bee extraction. Yes, we are fully insured. And the honey from our apiary is out of this world!

— Robust, over-wintered Nucs available beginning in May –